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Egypt Valley Angus has been raising cattle in West Michigan since 1965. Our rural setting is one of gently rolling hills, green pastures and abundant wildlife (deer, turkey, and small game). Our farming operation is part of the ecosystem resulting in an optimal habitat for wildlife while raising quality beef.

We are a family owned and operated beef farm raising our cattle on grass. Although all breeds can provide excellent quality beef, there is a general consensus throughout the beef industry that the Angus breed is the leader in flavor and marbling and the best breed of cattle for finishing on grass. There is a growing body of evidence that meat from grass fed animals is far healthier than meat from animals raised in feed lots.

Large factory farms and large slaughter houses have quickly come to dominate the market in the past couple of decades. These operations feed cattle on a grain diet to achieve rapid weight gain. Catle which are raised on grass have far higher levels of Omega 3 fatty acids, CLA, and have leaner meat. Because they are raised in pastures not confined feed lots, the cattle are raised without the use of growth hormones and antibiotics. We walk amongst the cattle on daily basis to check on herd health, pasture condition, and fencing integrity. This constant human contact insures content and calm cattle.

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